Disney Brings Back ‘Bedtime Hotline’ to Help Parents Get Children to Sleep

Photo by Tim Malabuyo, CC license


A recent survey showed that 77 percent of parents are exhausted by the process of getting their children to bed, but they might be happy to learn about the return of the “Disney Bedtime Hotline.”

Parents in America can once again incorporate a little Disney magic into their bedtime routine, with short voicemail messages featuring their kids’ favorite characters on-demand.

Giving the kids something to look forward to at bedtime should exponentially ease the process of coaxing them into their room when they want to keep playing.

Just like last year, parents call a toll-free number and choose between six special goodnight messages from top Disney characters sweetly urging the little ones off to bed.

“Nothing lulls a child into slumber quite like the soothing speech of Yoda the Jedi master,” says the DisneyShop’s post on Facebook.

The characters detail their day, then talk about how ready they are for bedtime. Wise Yoda then adds a reminder that even Jedi knights must catch some shut-eye. “Feel the force around you—like a blanket it is, hmmm!”

Here’s how it works:

Dial 1-877-7-MICKEY (877-764-2539), then press the number 2 on your phone to bypass the advertising message that asks if you want to opt-in to receive texts from the Disney Store.

Then you—or your child—can press whichever number character you want to hear from:
Press 1 for Mickey Mouse
Press 2 for Woody
Press 3 for Princess Jasmine
Press 4 for Anna and Elsa
Press 5 for Yoda
Press 6 Spiderman

“My 2 year old daughter went to bed with the biggest smile after hearing from Mickey.” wrote one Disney fan, Heidy Colón-Lugo, on Facebook, thanking the company. “The fastest she has ever gone to sleep too!”

Not every real-life story has a happy ending though: because the hotline will run only through September 30, it might require some actual magic to put kids to bed in October.

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