Musician Uses Truck Bed to Play Drive-By Concerts for Friends in Quarantine – and the Video is Incredibly Heartwarming

Last week, Tanner Howe and his family got tired of sitting at the house and looking at each other, so they decided to put together a surprise show for a couple of close friends and family members.

Since Howe is a singer-songwriter from Huntington Beach, California, he and his family put together a list of songs, decorated the truck, and brought cameras to record the reactions—all while making sure to maintain a safe social distance and wear masks.

Initially, they were only planning to visit their grandparents in Long Beach and three other family members and friends in the Orange County area—but then they decided to stop and play for their neighbors along the way, hoping that it would brighten their day in self-isolation.

Needless to say, it surely did, and the results are incredibly heartwarming.

(WATCH the music video below)

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